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Who are We?

Founder & Director  – Sophia Facey 


Sophia is a natural-born entrepreneur who has successfully developed innovative projects for the public and the private sector within the UK, Greater London, and the USA to support UK and USA regeneration projects related to Not in Employment Education or Training (NEET) youth. She has effectively provided bespoke educational-based projects to raise attainment levels in communities and provide evidence-based parenting skills, which help to address low mortality rates. Projects for NEET youth and adults include entrepreneurial/self-employment training packages to unlock employment opportunities in the current Labour market.


Marcia Tatham – Consultant Lead Internal Moderator 

Marcia Tatham is currently a Principal Consultant in Education under her GEM Training and Advisory Service. Marcia work within the Early year’s sector spans over 30 years in various capacity; an Associate Independent Consultant for a number of Ofsted registered Early years settings working on the Quality Success Programme for continuous improvement.  Writing on addressing concerns linked to Race, Culture and Identity within the early years. Other consultative work includes associate Ofsted Inspector, working in partnership with community projects to provide training and advice for individuals to become Ofsted registered in Early years, and support teachers on the National Programme Qualification (NPQ) programme to become Effective Leaders within education and on the Early Years Initial Teacher Training programme.

How our services work…

We design bespoke non-regulated accredited programmes for our stakeholder’s beneficiaries; our specialist  educational programmes are in the following sector:

  • Early Years Care and Education
  • Parenting Training
  • Job Training
  • Entrepreneurial Training
  • Careers Advice
  • Confidence Building Training
  • Youth Work

Evidence-Based Parenting Programmes

Skills and Knowledge For the Future Ltd team of consultants are trained facilitators who can offer evidence-based parenting programmes.

We can offer a bespoke project for the following programmes;

  • Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities
  • Incredible Years

What Makes Us Different to the Rest?

  1. We deliver bespoke courses that are suitable for a wide range of stakeholders tailored to suit their beneficiaries specific needs;
  2. We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. That is why we carry out a number of focus group interviews and questionnaires throughout the year to meet our customers’ needs and expectations.
  3. We believe that learning should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. That’s why we have always applied a personalised, relaxed and positive approach to teaching and learning that has helped our customers take the dread out of learning, inspired, motivated and empowered them to develop their talents to the fullest;
  4. We offer a virtual learning environment and face to face training provision
  5. Our programmes are bespoke designed to meet all learning abilities

Years in the Industry

Skills and Knowledge for the Future have been in the education market for 15 Years. Our collaborative educational background qualifications include B.Ed, M.A., QTS, PTLLS, Assessment and Quality Assurance. Additionally, our team joint experience span over 40+ years in the education industry (Early Years and Adult Education).


Happy Customers

Q. What are the things that you liked about the course?

Young parent: I liked the practical
lessons (…) like making play
dough; I can go home and do it,
and it’s stuff that you use every
day anyway, like everyone has
flour in their house (…) and
making the treasure basket… I liked watching
movies on youtube about
obesity and healthy eating and
learning about what kind of
stuff I give to my son when he’s a bit older (…) there’s nothing I didn’t really like. I enjoyed all of it.

Q. Anything positive that you got out of the course?

Young parent: Yes, I feel I am a better mum now (…) I learnt a lot about what kinda [kind of] stuff I could do with my child, for example when my child misbehaves I will know certain reasons why (…) it made me wanna [want to] do childcare at the college even more…

Contact Us Today

Interested in our services or our programmes, you can book a consultative meeting to speak with the team and or complete our contact form, and a team member will be in touch.

Wembley, HA0 1LS, London, United Kingdom

Office +44 208 432 9817