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About Us

SKFF Ltd historically provided training services as a registered QCF assessment centre with the Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education (CACHE). Also with the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) and worked alongside a core team of consultants who had specialist knowledge in education, with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in environmental health, early years care and education, special needs, youth work, further education, and youth support consultancy, and services. SKFF Ltd was also an Ofsted registered childcare provider, providing mobile childcare services and a pre-school provision for children aged 2 to 5 years, with a team of highly professional and qualified childcare

SKFF Ltd works predominately with children and young people; primarily, business activities focus on serving disadvantaged youths identified as a population, not in employment, education, or training (NEET).

What We Do

Our current focus is to address our NEET youth’s hidden potential in the UK who need the skills, drive, and direction to successfully achieve their career and personal goals.  We aim to equip our youth with the confidence, skills, knowledge they need to succeed in the future, be that in education, employment and or training.  Our programmes will help individuals build confidence and resilience whilst addressing personal learning and development barriers to prepare them to enter the labour market.

Background – Global Impact of NEET Youth

Impact on Employment

Evidence from the beginning of the COVID 19 crisis demonstrates that young people (15-24) were the group that was most affected by the rise in unemployment between February and March (OECD, 2020). It is noted in the report that COVID 19 pandemic affected the hospitality sector, where young people secured jobs.

Furthermore, the report states, “Low-paid and temporary employment in sectors most severely affected by the crisis (e.g., restaurants, hotels and gig industry) are often held by young people, who are now facing a higher risk of job and income loss”. Consequently, the evidence collated from the report highlights further issues concerning the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic and delineate that in the face of a loss or a drop in income, young people are more likely to fall into poverty, as they have fewer savings to fall back on.

Impact on Education

 Regarding the educational provision’s impact, the report identified that not all students could access education consistently. An OECD study across 59 countries demonstrated that although most countries put in place alternative learning opportunities, just about half of the students could access all or most of the curriculum. OECD prediction in terms of costs infers the learning loss that has occurred is likely to take an economic toll on societies in the form of diminished productivity and growth. Estimates show that a lost school year can be considered equivalent to a loss of between 7% and 10% of lifetime income (OECD, 2020).


Hackney Learning Trust 

Q  Briefly describe the services performed by the contractor for your company?

A  Ran a short course for young parents to be


Q Overall, did the contractor adhere to the agreed-upon schedule?

A Yes


Q Did the contractor submit all reports on time?

A Yes


Q Were there any contractual issues related to deficiency/cure process?



Q On a scale of 1 – 10 with 10 being the highest rating.  Please rate the contractor’s quality of service performance?

A 10


Jo Margrie 14-19 Programme Manager

Programme – Changing Lives to Change Minds 

Changing Lives to Change Minds – looks specifically at the individual and the steps required to build a successful “Me”. The programme will enable the individual to evaluate the barriers to their success; it motivates them to set appropriate goals and achieve successful outcomes for their future career and personal goals.

Programme – Business Knowledge For Future Entrepreneurial Design

Business Knowledge for Future Entrepreneurial Design – this course will help individuals bring to fruition their business idea. It builds confidence and focuses on an entrepreneurial mindset to be able to create the business. The program enables individuals to identify the skills they have, need, to operate a business and support them in creating the company, i.e. business name, choosing the correct business entity, and understanding the different functions for a successful business operation. The course is designed to work collaboratively with other educational providers or partner agencies that specialize in funding to start a business and the tools/resources to support individuals in launching their business and receive the proper training and support to be successful business owners.

Programme – Parenting the Effective Way

“Parenting the Effective Way” – is our bespoke parenting programme that aims to improve child health outcomes and decrease child health inequalities. It equips parents with the level of knowledge and skills to be effective parents. We provide parents with the “parenting tools” based on a holistic approach to support their child’s early education learning and development.

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